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Thursday, December 20, 2007

TechTip: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Adobe After Effects can look pretty "messy" at times. If you've got a 3d composition with plenty of layers and nulls and cameras and lights and masks, you'll find that your composition view can get pretty... uhhh... well, "dense" would be a kind way of putting it! Even a single layer with a mask can make it difficult to objectively visualize your composition.

Fortunately, there are some quick ways to cut through the trees to see the forest, none of which (alas) involve chain saws and rollicking Coureurs-de-Bois tuneage. Take a look at THIS short tutorial (QT, .MP4, h264, 6:34, 11.8 megs) to see how it's done.


tielman said...

cool tips

Benji said...

Here's a technique I've seen that I've never been able to duplicate well. A thin line or edge with a highlight travelling along it.

Alan Shisko said...

Like, oh, say, the next post in my blog? :)

Loay said...

Thanks for the tips.
the f5,f6,f7 tip is new to me but I know f8 :).
Thanks Alan