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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Marking Music

You'll often find yourself with client-supplied music tracks, and of course it's good to have your animations 'work' with the beats. But how can you 'visualize' these beats so you can make informed decisions about where to lay down the keyframes?

Take a look at THIS short tutorial (QT, h264, 3:06, 5.7 megs) explaining one way to quickly give yourself some visual clues to help you with your workflow.


Motionworks said...

Hey Alan,
This tutorial has a .txt suffix so doesn't play back directly in the browser (on mac at least).

Alan Shisko said...

Weird... must be a Mac problem :)

The file is an .mp4 file, playable in Quicktime, and it downloads fine on my end. Suggestion #1 if you're having problems: Right click on the link and choose "Save as..." and save it to your desktop. Suggestion #2: I figure out why it's doing this (others have had problems) and find a solution :) Suggestion #3: download the ZIP file that I've linked to on the main post (this contains the MP4 file). Suggestion #4: go into your OS and link ".mp4" files to open with Quicktime.

When I compress (using Adobe Media Encoder on a PC) it's muxed to an .mp4. Simply changing the file suffix to .mov makes it unplayable. Perhaps someone can offer a solution?

Guy Fraser said...

I downloaded the demo file, and it was a text prefix, but I just deleted the text prefix and left the mp4, and then mac asked me if I wanted to save with the mp4 prefix, and I said yes, and it plays fine right away.