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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

HDRI: Oh My!

I'm in the midst of my first 3d project utilizing the VRay rendering platform out of 3dsMax, including the use of HDRI textures for lighting and reflection. The preliminary results thus far are rather stunning. The big downside, of course, is that the files are rendering like it's 1992 :( Whoops! Time for that new quad-core machine :)

THIS (QT, h264, 5 sec., 3.7 megs) is a very short materials test with a simple glassy texture making use of HDRI lighting and reflections, and refractions. I was helped along by following the simple and excellent VRay tutorials at Aversis (where, incidentally, you can also download some HDRI imagery to play with). Take a gander also at vray-materials.de where you can review and freely download tons of remarkable (and system-humbling) materials.


kobygold said...
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kobygold said...

The Vray and the HDRI seem very interesting !
The quality of the renders in your QT movie, and on the links you gave are amazing !
Could you please do a video tutorial about the Vray and the HDRI ? I guess the Vray could take by itself several training DVDs :) But at least a basic tutorial of Vray (with some of your great tips), and the basic concept and use of HDRI, could be very helpfull !
Thanks, and keep up the great tutorials !
(there has been quite long since you made a tutorial, and I can hardly wait for your next one!)

aroonz said...

hi alan shisko..
i am pretty interested and wanted to make such glassy stuffs.. i tried and i got confused..
can u plz post the max files for me to go thru it..
kindly help me.. thanx