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Sunday, October 26, 2008


The fine folks at Flash-In-The-Can have finally seen the light and are exploring how pixels move around. Vectors... phsaw! So very narrow-band.

Pause: Ideas in Motion is an "exploration of concept and design within Broadcast and Film". Sez Shawn Puckness, founder of FITC, “Attendees can expect a very dynamic event with opportunities to engage, learn and connect with the best creative minds in the industry.” BTRY, Digital Kitchen, GMunk, MK12, UFO and many others... oh be still my beating heart! And of course don't discount the legendary FITC parties. All work and no play makes Alan a dull boy, after all.

This looks like it'll be a very exciting little confab- a bit of a tonic in the midst of a great deal of economic uncertainty- and if the stars align I hope to attend. "Ah", I hear you say, "I'd love to go as well, Alan, so that I can meet you because you're such a cool and talented guy. Oh, and to see what the best in the industry have to say as well, of course. But times are tough, and cash is tight." Well, perhaps this might help... thanks to the fine folks at FITC, I've got free full event passes that I'll give to the first two people that reply to me directly...

alan (followed by the 'at' symbol) effektor (then a dot) ca

See you in New York!


Anonymous said...

blog is dead!?

Alan Shisko said...

Resucitated :)