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Friday, October 24, 2008

3d: Industry Consolidation

Just read this press release from Autodesk. How might this affect the motion graphics world? As I've written before (here and here), the consolidation of so many 3d apps under one roof (with one more now added to the stable) worries me quite a lot. Will all three apps actually remain viable? And specifically, will my chosen solution (3ds Max) be the first against the wall when the time comes (and I suspect that the time WILL come)?

If nothing else, I suspect that this latest move may turn up the heat on Adobe to consider adding a 3d app to it's roster, the most likely (in my opinion) being Maxon C4d. If that were to happen, I would seriously consider making the jump, as the current uncertainty gives me pause to continue developing my skills on an app that (as unlikely as it sounds) may be reaching end-of-life.


entertainment-gy said...

I really think autodesk it trying to phase out the 2 other apps, cux' by buying them they can controll the market then eventually phasing out the other 2 ( your guess is good as mine )

Alan Shisko said...

Trouble is (or the possibly benefits are that) all the apps have a good share of certain markets. While these associations are by no means exclusive, Maya is seen as the 'film' 3d app, 3ds Max as the 'gaming' app, and C4d is the 'motion graphics' app. Softimage, well, I can't say exactly 'where' it fits in. Film work, I suppose. But no denying that having three relatively complimentary apps under a single roof is dicey. Hmm... global recession anyone? Corporate cutbacks? Ugh.