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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ira Glass on Getting Started

A client sent me a link to this inspirational post. If you want to view all four episodes, check them out here.


Chuck said...


What a great post. I guess we all need that every once in a while. As creatives, and myself as an autodidact, we all seem to have this really high standard we set for ourselves, and, especially first starting out (as I am), can't seem to always achieve that level of craftsmanship. Myself I feel that occasionally I will 'stumble' upon some quasi-greatness in my after effects work, and the rest of the time nearly loathe the work that I am doing. It's always nice to see this sort of support within the creative industry, and hopefully when I my work is to a level worthy of public scrutiny, I can reciprocate.

Alan Shisko said...

I might add that as a creative, you might NEVER get past the feeling that what you're doing can be improved upon, nor, I think, should you. Striving for 'something better' is the engine that keeps my work interesting, in both a visual 'results' sense and in a 'job satisfaction' sense. 'Stumbling' (or serendipity) certainly has a lot to do with things!

I was looking at my demo reel from 1999 the other day, and had a pretty good laugh: not a day goes by that I don't think I'll look at my demo reel from 2007 and have a good chuckle. But as you do more and more work, take comfort that the loathing genereally decreases :)