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Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Move" project

I was approached by a client to do a :30 spot about moving. It was to be part of a larger campaign (already created) that was print based, and I was instructed to 'make it look like the poster, but moving'. The original concept was to use the photo used in the print campaign (a shot of a nearly empty room with some moving boxes lying around) and to just pan-and-scan into and out of the photo, changing the text on the sides of the boxes, but it was ultimately decided to go full-on 3d.

This was a challenge for me personally because my 3d is generally quite 'illustrative'. Lots of flying boxes and the likes (you can see 'em in my demo reel here). This had to be as close to photo-realistic as possible, and so I set to it.

Early on I decided that we didn't have the ability to render the scene in full radiosity (which would have looked the best). It was to be a very tight turnaround with a small budget, so I researched some other rendering methods that would get us to where we wanted to be, within the scope of the project. A lot of post compositing in Adobe After Effects 'sweetened' the project to get even more 'real' looking, and I think the end result was more than satisfactory.

Take a gander at the finished video here.

You can view my thoughts on the process here. It's 28 minutes long.

Links to sites that I mention in the video:
Turbosquid (for paid and free 3d models, plus others)
Boomerlabs (Max2AE plugin for moving camera/object/light data to After Effects)
Elight (Max script to create a dome of lights to simulate radioisity)


Matt Kaustinen said...


Looks sweet. Any chance I could add it to the MAX2AE gallery?

Alan Shisko said...

Of course. I thought I sent this to you already?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job! Creative and camera movement a smooth. How did you processed for adding text in Afx. Can u show us which technique for begin to completion was used?

Anonymous said...

Nice job Alan. How did you added moving texte in the final project. Could you post also a technique or tutorial where you explain us this trick.

Anonymous said...

ı love your all works alan.u making mybroadcast dreams :P wish u send a special tutorial

Alan Shisko said...

The text was simply animated in an After Effects pre-comp, and I used Max2AE to apply position/ rotation/ scale attributes to make it fit perfectly with the 3d-rendered footage out of 3dsMax. I believe that should be covered in the Quicktime tutorial :)

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