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Friday, June 16, 2006

A Cautionary Tale

The past few days I've been getting inundated with phone calls from telemarketers. We don't have a 'do not call list' up here in Canada, so I've been following my standard gameplan: When the call display shows a number from out of my area, I pick it up, quickly say hello and wait to see if there's that 2 second 'blank pause' where the telemarketers' phone equipment presumably routes the call to a free rep. I then either hang up or, if I'm in a moody mood, say "Too late" and hang up.

Yesterday, I got the pause. Just before I could say my 'too late', a voice starts speaking and I immediately interject with a cross 'what's this regarding'? He utters a bit of a surprised 'huh' and I repeat 'what's this regarding?' a bit more forcefully. I wait for the pitch to start for the timeshare in Florida or the new credit card, but instead I get... "uhhh... Graphics?"

A world of apologies later, I suspect that that's one client I may not get :(


Frank said...

Gee Alan, my clients are thrilled to get a welcome that warm from me. Consider expanding your base to the eastern US.

Scott King said...

That's a pretty typical greeting in New York....