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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New After Effects Toronto Group

Some of you may recall that I started up the MOGRATO (MOtion GRAphics TOronto) users' group some years ago... hmm... was it 1999? It was great fun, and we had some awesome meetings. However, work and life intervened, and I had to let it go after a good run.

It's always nice to get out of our dark little holes and have some quality face-to-face time with our colleagues, though, so it was nice to hear that an After Effects users' group was being formed. Take a gander at the web space HERE.

I'm not involved in AETO, but Chris & Russ asked whether I'd like to present at the inaugural meeting. Never one to turn down an opportunity to stumble through a demo on an underpowered laptop with one teensy little screen, I accepted.

So, tonight (Wednesday, April 22nd), I will be talking about two recent projects (here and here). Topics to be covered will include 'Creative uses for CC Sphere, including faux-3d space using expressions', and, if there's time, 'Parenting and expressions to create realistic, organic movement'.

Check out AETO.com for the meeting location. Hope to see you then!


AETO said...

Alan we had a blast. Thanks again for presenting at our user group. You can check the videos of the user group on our site now on aeto.ca @

All the best,

spiritsentient said...

Hi Alan, I'm new here and just randomly stumbled across the blog, but I'm super-happy to see AE fans in Toronto. I never delved deep into the expression side of things, though I realize that's where much of the program's power lies. Thanks for getting me thinking in this direction, rock on man :)