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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Framing Keys

This little mini-tutorial covers some fairly rudimentary strategies when it comes to selecting keyframes, creating consistent acceleration/ deceleration profiles (eases) and moving layers (with their entire motion path) when keyframes already exist. Yep, it SOUNDS like After Effects 101 type stuff, but you may find that there are a couple of little tricks in here that even more experienced folks might not know about.

Take a look at the tutorial (Quicktime, h264, 4:44, 9 mb) HERE.


Motionworks said...

Hey Alan, with the second tip you don't even need to have the time indicator positioned over a keyframe. As long as all keyframes are selected you can click and drag directly on any of the spatial keyframes in the comp panel to move the path. :)

Alan Shisko said...

As I was uploading, I remembered that one as well :)

pablo said...

Very good tip, as always. Thanks for sharing.
By the way I saw your football work, and I wonder if you made the Ball with Invigorator or any 3D program. I Looks Greeeeeeeat !!!!

illf said...

Some great tips and timesavers. Please share more of that ;)