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Thursday, April 17, 2008

"MILG 2" Available Now!

A quick heads up for those who have been asking when my training package is going to be ready... "Making It Look Great" vols. 2 (by me) and 3 (by Harry Frank) are now available from the MILG website! There will be a promo clip up within the next couple of days to give you an idea of what to expect, but in the meantime here is a clip (QT, h264, 15 megs, no audio) of what you'll design as you go through the tutorial.


Toneto said...

I already purchased a few hours ago, and I think IT IS GREAT!!!

Thanks a lot for your work :)

How was NAB? You didn't post anything about it, yet.

Alan Shisko said...

Thanks, Toneto, glad you're liking it! NAB was pretty nice, although I admit that Vegas ain't my kinda town :) Frankly, I didn't get too much time to wander the floors as I was helping Zax out at his booth, demo'ing and such. The IMUG media motion ball was good fun, and it's always nice to put faces to the names that I see on various lists here and there.

Anonymous said...

Alan, I think I was one of the 1st people to buy this Fine product. And encourage everyone to seriously consider purchasing it.

My only request is that you please do more of this kind of tutorials and please don't take too long to produce :-)

Keep them coming. Thanks


Anonymous said...

MILG 2 is wonderfull all the techniques are just great. But i have to confess that since i first saw your demo reel there was one that grab my attencion especially and it is the work that you did on HPItv project.
hey it is amazing and i still cant fogure out how it was done especially on the integration of all the elements.
What about showing some of the techniques used in this proyect in MAKING IT LOOK GREAT 6 just like Jhon did with the BOOM project that would be wonderfull. hey just giving some ideas hope they are considered
Finally just wanna thank you for sharing your techniques with us that is very kind of you
Alan you are the one man

sorry for my english