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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Alright, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, one more post on keyboard shortcuts. Paddling around the 'net the other day, I came upon KeyXL... it's the self proclaimed "largest online database of keyboard shortcuts in the world". Be still my beating heart! A quick gander seems to suggest that it is, indeed, a fairly substantial repository of cutz. Granted, many applications aren't followed too closely (kind of weak in the video editing category for instance) but they're right on top of the latest Adobe CS3 suite. Indeed, they seem to be cribbed directly from the Adobe help files.

Ok, so why wouldn't I just hit the "f1" key and check out the kb shortcuts in After Effects? Well, for one thing they're multi-paged in the app 'help', and are thus hard to 'browse' if you're just kicking around on a render looking for something geeky to do. Plus all cutz are close at hand for all apps, making it a fast reference. And you can search the page with your browser keyword 'search' function (ctrl+"F", usually) to locate a particulary pesky shortcut. Worth a look.


kbrumfield1 said...

Very cool. I too like the fact it's on one long page as opposed to the help pages. I saved the entire AE CS3 shortcut page as a PDF to call up and search as needed. Thanks for the post.

Todd said...

You know, the entire After Effects CS3 Help document is available as a PDF.

You can get it from the installation DVD, or you can get an up-to-date version from

I'm just sayin'.

Todd said...

I'll say this good thing about the folks at KeyXL: They were very polite and quick to agree when I asked that they attribute the Adobe documentation for this material that they copied. We like it when people reuse and disseminate our material, as long as we get some credit.

BilletHQ said...

Hope they DO catch that guy from Adobe that changed the GO TO TIME keyboard shortcut (Cmd+) to Cmd+Shift+J.. HUH ?

Alan Shisko said...


Heh heh! That was the FIRST change I made! The second one was to assign the 'change to graph editor view' to F3. Makes for much faster, one-fingered flipping back and forth when working with velocities and such.