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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Best After Effects Error Yet, plus Bug Reporting!

I was opening an old project and was greeted by After Effects promptly crashing. It was a reproducible crash linked to a beta copy of a plugin having expired, but the After Effects error message was what caught my eye... "After Effects error: strange situation [0/2]. (26::84)". Strange indeed!

Software always has issues, some more critical than others. And in a perfect world, developers would like users to report these bugs, errors and crashes so that they can be reproduced, tracked down and fixed. And it's not just the spectacular, data-losing, days-of-work-disappearing crashes that coders want to hear about: quite often, it's the little things that might point the way to bigger issues. Some bugs are particularly difficult to squash because they can't be reliably reproduced, and the more reports there are, the more opportunities there are to fix it. Even the most mundane step can lead to a breakthrough.

So, report your bugs, big and small! For After Effects, send a note to aebugs@adobe.com. All bugs, big and small, go into a database that ultimately helps make the application (and our lives!) better.


Agust Gudbjornsson said...

Hey there, just want to let you know that I check your blog from time to time. Really miss some articles from you.

Agust, Nebonmedia.

Matt said...

Did you happen to get a screenshot of that error? I've been uploading some of my AE errors to a page on MographWiki.
The best one I've got said "client induced error". Isn't that always the case??